Carbon Calculator

A carbon calculator is a critical tool for the monitoring and reporting of both waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

This information can then be used to identify areas where we can improve and reduce our environmental impact.

Greenlit has developed a carbon calculator fit for purpose and use by productions in Aotearoa. We’ve put an emphasis on useability, breaking down each step of the process for you and advising on what information you need.

The calculator is available and free to use through the Greenlit carbon calculator portal.

Standards and Auditing

The Greenlit carbon calculator has been built to provide reporting in accordance with ISO 14064 standards.

Output reports are presented in line with international industry best practice and with comparability in mind.

The emissions factors used in the calculator are up-to-date and specific to Aotearoa, New Zealand. 

In building the calculator, Greenlit partnered with Ekos to ensure that the calculations are accurate and the reports are easily auditable.

Aotearoa Auditors

Other Aotearoa Calculators

If you’re a small business, film industry supplier or an individual (contractor / self-employed in the industry) then here are some calculators that can assist you in calculating your carbon emissions.

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